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Building Resilience

We are a family-run Centre and provide care for up to 110 children from infants to five years of age.

Our Wooloowin day care venue is amazing – it is a two-storey heritage-listed building built in 1912. In terms of location, we are in the heart of leafy, family-friendly Wooloowin at 22 Morris Street.

Our building used to be the site of the Sisters of Mercy Convent, so we like to think the serene, loving vibes carry through to our Centre!

Mindful Humans

Our Vision

We want to be a leader in the childcare sector, contributing to the shaping of the education of future generations, and encouraging every child to be educated, successful, more focused and connected to their thoughts and feelings.

To do this, our Evolving Minds Early Learning centre at Wooloowin offers a hands-on, humanistic approach to working with and supporting every child. 

As flourishing people who have their own likes, dislikes, personalities, and strengths, we seek to get to know every child and encourage their individual growth by respecting them as the person they are.

Our Philosophy

Our Centre aligns with two key concepts (which is why they are in our logo). One is mindfulness. Essentially, this is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not be overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

The second is resilience. This is the ability to learn to deal with challenges or setbacks and bounce back. Building resilience not only helps us deal with current difficulties that are part of our everyday lives but develops the basic skills and habits that help us deal with challenges later in life.

Our Woolowin childcare centre cares about and prioritises every child’s entire health and wellbeing–including social emotional health, wellbeing support, and peer-to-peer growth and development. 

This philosophy is built into the entire design of our early childhood learning centre from our kindergarten facilities and physical space setup to the curriculum and routine we create for every young person.

Our Values

Children are the future of our planet and education is at the heart of their futures. Research has shown that children learn more during their first five years than at any other time in their lives. 

Instilling in children a love of lifelong learning involves a holistic approach that includes creating moments of connection and relationships and fostering a growth mindset.

We treat everyone of our Woolowin early learning students as members of our own families. Believing that children can grow into the best version of themselves when surrounded by a community of nurturing, supportive adults.

Every one of our team members works alongside family members, parents, and guardians to encourage the growth and resilience of your child.

Childcare Wooloowin: Our Facilities

Nutritious Meals - Evolving Minds Early Learning Wooloowin Qld


Professional caterers provide the healthy, nutritious, delicious meals for our Centre and they are then prepared on-site by our staff. We also cater to individual dietary requirements.

Play zone - Evolving Minds Early Learning Wooloowin Qld


Our child care centre has seven rooms and their indoor play zones are comfortable, engaging, inspiring and filled with lots of exciting resources tailored to different ages and learning stages.

Learning - Evolving Minds Early Learning Wooloowin Qld


We strive to instil in children a love of lifelong learning that includes creating moments of connection and relationships, fostering a growth mindset and preparing them for their exciting school years!

Outdoor play Evolving Minds Early Learning Wooloowin Qld


Our three separate ground-level outdoor play areas are bright, leafy, colourful and interactive, with a myriad of equipment and experiences for children of all ages to explore.

Register Your Interest

If you would like to register your interest for a place at our Centre, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to discuss your needs. 

Offering every potential family the opportunity to visit our Wooloowin kindergarten centre, explore our facilities, and get to know our educators, you can book in a free walk-through by connecting with our front of house team.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Evolving Minds Early Learning family!

Resources and equipment programs suit children of all ages - Evolving Minds Early Learning Qld