Evolving Minds Early Learning offers parents a unique combination of Quality Outcomes and play-based programs that create memorable moments of learning, connection and relationships. We also follow two key philosophies that revolve around mindfulness and resilience. Mindfulness can enhance a child’s learning, and resilience enables children to better manage stress and cope with challenges and setbacks.
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The combination of the two philosophies of mindfulness and resilience forms the basis of our Resilience Program.

It aims to develop children’s pre-frontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for behaviour guidance and attention/emotion regulation.

This can help children realise their true potential and look forward to a happy and fulfilling life.

The program includes activities (including breathing techniques) that help children improve their memory, manage their emotions and understand empathy.


Children are considered active participants and decision-makers at our Evolving Minds Early Learning Centre and their unique qualities and abilities are respected.

Our programs are both teacher and child-led which allows children to explore, practice, take risks and become competent, successful and capable learners.

They support a multicultural perspective and also ignite children’s curiosity towards the world around them, the importance of sustainability and the value of caring for our planet.

They are the next generation of responsible world citizens!

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At Evolving Minds Early Learning, we support an open-door policy, where families can come and go at any time.

Communication remains open at all times and exchanges of information occur regularly to form a strong partnership in care.

We value our diverse community and recognise the important roles parents play in their children’s education. We are committed to supporting these values, interacting with our community, and cultivating respectful relationships.

Positive relationships are also important for children. If these are developed early in life, children are more likely to form connections with others, develop positive friendships, and learn emotional self-regulation.

By closely involving families and our community in children’s holistic learning, we are nurturing fulfilling futures for our children, and making a real difference in their young lives.


  • Inclusion – we thoroughly support a culture that embraces the diverse backgrounds of all families and respects community differences.
  • Respect – all children are respected regardless of gender, cultural background, beliefs, attitudes and additional needs.
  • Integrity – all of our relationships are respectful, mutual and reciprocal and built on trust, authenticity and ethical behaviour.
  • Relationships – we are passionate about nurturing relationships with you, your child, our team and the wider community.
  • Communication – we nurture open and transparent communication. This not only benefits your child but the quality of care we provide.
  • Innovation – we constantly strive to redefine the childcare Quality of Care and early learning environment standards, including in our programs and resources.
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If you would like to enrol for a place at our centre, please click “Enrol Now”, fill in the form and we will be in touch to discuss your needs. We look forward to welcoming you to the Evolving Minds Early Learning family!

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