We have multiple rooms at Evolving Minds Early Learning catering for children from infants to five years of age. They include Nursery Rooms, Toddler Rooms, Junior Kindy Rooms and Kindy Rooms. All are filled with natural light and fresh air and feature modern, engaging decor and lots of books, toys and other resources to keep your little one entertained.

Nursery Rooms

Our Nurturing Nursery

Our Nursery Rooms cater for children from infants to 15 months of age. Our educators provide a safe, warm and loving approach that ensures a comfortable, familiar and nurturing environment. This will allow your baby to explore, be curious, develop autonomy and resilience, problem-solve, experiment and investigate. Our play-based programs will also encourage them to be competent and capable learners.

Included Facilities


From the bottle and weaning stages to the introduction of solids, our team will work with you to optimise your baby’s nutritional needs.


Our play zone offers activities that celebrate your baby’s milestones as they learn to see, move, hear, communicate and gain confidence.


Our team will work closely with you to tailor your baby’s sleep routines according to their age and individual requirements.

Toddler Rooms

Our Terrific Toddler Rooms

Our Toddler Rooms cater for children from 15 months to two years. At this age, children are open to new discoveries, are learning to overcome challenges, and are starting to interact with others with empathy and respect. They are also broadening their understanding of the world in which they live and expressing themselves in a range of contexts, including through books, music and art.

Included Facilities


Toddlers need a wide variety of healthy foods. Our delicious menus are filled with healthy choices from the five important food groups. We also cater to specialised dietary needs.


At this age, toddlers are discovering new gross motor skills. Our outdoor play spaces encourage them to walk, climb, skip, run (and more!) while cooperating with their new friends.


Our indoor play zone encourages play-based learning that will allow your child to spend lots of time developing their fine motor skills and improving their language skills.

Junior Kindy Rooms

Our Joyful Junior Kindy Rooms

Our Junior Kindy Rooms cater for children from two to three years. These energetic little ones are now showing enthusiasm for participating in more physical play, becoming aware of fairness, having a strong sense of well-being, and talking with other children about their emotions. They are also developing effective two-way communication skills and initiating conversations with others.

Included Facilities


Children of this age also need a wide variety of healthy foods, but toddler appetites can vary from day to day. Our delicious menus will satisfy the fussiest of eaters!


This is a time of ultra-physical activity and children of this age will love our outdoor areas that feature multiple play spaces and interactive environments full of possibilities!


From the age of two, the cognitive skills of toddlers are becoming more sophisticated. They will enjoy drawing and counting and experience a vast improvement in their vocabulary.

Kindy Rooms

Our Creative Kindy Rooms

Our Kindy Rooms cater to preschoolers, from three to five years of age. These are also formative years of learning, where children are physically more agile and self-aware, and use a variety of means to communicate. They are also getting for the big wide world, including school!

Included Facilities


By now, you will probably be aware of your child’s food preferences. Our menus will offer them a range of tasty choices that are full of healthy vitamins and minerals.


Our outdoor play spaces offer older children ways to explore their natural world, enhance their social and communication skills, push their physical boundaries and most of all, have fun!

Preparing for school

Starting school is a time of great excitement but can be challenging for some children. Our school-ready programs focus on the skills your child needs for their lifelong learning journey.

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